Mike's Lawn Service

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Mike's Lawn Service, Inc.

"Lawn care done your way"

Quality Lawn Care since 1997

Serving customers from Mora to Foley, Cambridge to Princeton and surrounding areas.


In 1997 I started out mowing a few yards after work to earn some extra money.  I always said I was helping out the sweet old ladies in town.  Little did I know that after 5 years I would be quitting my full time job to do lawn care full time.  After a few more years I started adding employees.  We now have 5 full time employees.


I really pride myself on getting the best looking lawns for my customers. My friends have referred to me as "the grass whisperer."


We are a complete insured lawn care company. We can do most any outside services. If we can't, we will find somebody that can assist you with your needs.  Some of the services we offer are as follows:


      Spring Clean Ups and Dethaching

     Weekly Mowing

     Fall Clean Ups

     Spring and Fall Aeration

     Power Edging

     Weed and Feed Applications

     Shrub Trimming

     Garden Tilling

     Snow Removal


If you would like me to take a look at your yard and give you suggestions on how to make it look better feel free to call me.  I tell my friends that the grass "talks to me", hence I got the nickname "Grass Whisperer".


If there are any other services that you are interested in, let me know and I will be happy to assist you.


We also offer a referral program.  For every refferal that agrees to a season of mowing you will receive one free mowing (up to $40.00).